Hi and a wonderful good day to all the beautiful souls out there that might read this! I hope you’re feeling good about and within yourself today.

I just finished a little small hike to the Agnes Falls in Victoria and thought I sit down for a little while and write down my thoughts and feelings that go through my head at the minute.

I caught me the other day comparing myself to a perfect photo on Instagram – to a photo thats not even real (Make-up, Photoshop and so on.) and started to doubt myself and my look. Started to get sad and asked myself why I don’t look the same as the girl on the photo.

The reason why I put that on my blog is because really quickly I realised that this is just a negative thought that is trying to make a home in my mind and that there’s absolutely nothing to be sad about – and do you know why? Because I know that there’s no one out there like me, no one out there that looks like me and no one out there that is like me. And thats the greatest gift we all have – the fact that we all are so unique in our very own ways and no one will ever ever ever take that away from us – never.

Stop comparing an apple to a banana and start embrace who YOU are. Stop confusing your inner self by trying to be different or someone else when deep down your inner intuition is trying to tell you what you want – and it’s not able to do so if you keep doubting yourself and putting yourself down for no reason. If you keep trying to change the person you are and you want to be.

Start your days looking in the mirror and keep telling yourself how beautiful you are!

  • every single day until one day you wake up and your subconscious tells yourself how beautiful you are – not followed by one single doubt.

It definitely took a while for me and the last thing I want is to make it look super easy because it takes effort and a lot of work – struggling with acne for nearly 2 years definitely didn’t help but you know what? From literally hating the way I look I turned into someone that loves herself for her acne, for all her imperfections and for all the things I do “wrong” because I know now that this is what I LOVE about myself – I love the way I reflect myself and my thoughts and the way I learn out of my mistakes and the way I get more confident in WHO I AM.

Thats all it’s about – loving and accepting yourself for the wonderful human beings each and every single one of us are.

Society definitley doesn’t make it easy for us and doesn’t help in many many ways as we compare ourselves to “perfect” pictures and to “perfect” people and to the “perfect” lifestyle without realising that the people are human beings like you and me, people that struggle as well and people that have their very own problems.

What helped me the most is taking care for my inner self – detoxing from social media was a big thing and helped me to realise that there’s no one more beautiful than me. That it’s in my very own hands to create a person and a life im proud of every single day and a life that fullfills me completely with happiness. And trust me when I say that you’ll never reach that feeling of happiness and fullfillment by living for other people or trying to find happiness through other people.

It’s all on you.

Only if you connect deeply to your inner self you’ll be able to connect to the universe and to yourself in a way you might not even understand yet.





And now go out there and live the life of your dreams because I KNOW YOU CAN!



Published by lisasimpressions

twenty-one β€’ Experience life πŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈ β€’ writing is my therapy β€’ exploring Australia and myself by myself β€’ my goal is to spread positivity and encourage everyone that might read what I have to say to be more confident in who they are and accept themselves for who they are - I want to share good energy πŸ’Ÿβœ¨πŸŒ»

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