Being Grateful for what you have

Good morning or midday to all the beautiful souls out there, I hope you all feel fantastic today.

Lockdown is honestly really hard and exhausting after fighting for so long, it kinda pushes you back again and again, myself included. Especially in times like this and such uncertain times for all of us its so so important to not loose ourselves along the way. To keep reminding us of things we’re grateful for. I know, I said it in posts before and I probably continue saying it every now and then as it’s something we have to keep in mind at all times, for me its like the key to peace and to keep my mind positive and don’t drown in Suffering, as it doesn’t get myself anywhere, none of us.

We’re all in the same boat and each of us feel the “pain” differently…, so i’m not going out there saying “its so easy to handle, can’t be that hard … bla bla bla” as its not my position to do so and the only person i can look into is myself and to remind me every single day for what im grateful for really helps me to stop focusing on what’s going on out there, stop focusing on things i can not change and st
art to use that energy for making myself feel good every day.

How I keep myself in peace?

  • Step 1 is to wake up and not to look on your phone. The “waking up” process sets an important vibe into your day ( at least for me ). Open your eyes and tell yourself what a good that it is, that you will have an fantastic day – the cherry on top is your favourite song. Let the vibes flow.
  • Dance to the bathroon and do your morning routine. You don’t have one? GET ONE. It’s magical. I’m always so happy after finsihing my routine – couldn’t do without!
  • Stretch your sleep out! 10 minutes for your whole body and i promise you’ll feel like a new born baby, haha πŸ˜€
  • Eat breakfast! SO SO important and gives you the energy you need to not sit back on the couch and do something for yourself. ( watch my little video for a quick and nutritious brekky in under 5 minutes. )

You’re capable of so much more than you think, just invest time and see!

That’s why im sharing all my thoughts here .., to maybe help people see the good side instead concentrating on the bad because it’ll always be there and never go away – only as soon as you stop feeding these thoughts and accepting them you’ll see the beauty. ❀

Have a wonderful day!!!

Little Breakfast inspiration – it’s never as hard as it seems to have an healthy start!



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twenty-one β€’ Experience life πŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈ β€’ writing is my therapy β€’ exploring Australia and myself by myself β€’ my goal is to spread positivity and encourage everyone that might read what I have to say to be more confident in who they are and accept themselves for who they are - I want to share good energy πŸ’Ÿβœ¨πŸŒ»

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