Love yourself for who YOU are!

“The Rocks” , Sydney NSW

Hello to all the beautiful people out there..,

in my blogpost from yesterday I talked about how important it is to accept your past and yourself. Today I want to talk about how I learned to love myself for exactly who I am.

When I first came to Australia I started to struggle with acne through the different climate and air over here (that’s at least what the dermatologist said) and started to struggle to basically look in the mirror in the morning, when I was in shopping centres I always had the feeling people look at me and think I’m not “clean” or whatsoever the reason might’ve been. I compared myself to total strangers on social media and felt even worse. I was separated from my family and friends so there wasn’t the support I probably wished for and needed in certain times. I worked way too much which kinda made me “forget” about caring for myself, cook for myself, cherish myself and treat myself the best possible.

I didn’t wanted to live life like that for any day longer and I always had the feeling in my guts and always knew theres more to the world and life than just this. And that’s when I started to read the book I was talking about yesterday from Louise Hay. After finishing that book I already felt like a new human being, full of power and positive energy as I realised I can be who I want to be and that I don’t want to spend my days thinking about what was, what could be and what if; because that’s not what life is about! Its about here and now, about being your best self everyday and enjoying all the beauty of life.

It felt so good to feel good and I started to wake up every morning and look in the mirror and tell myself loudly how beautiful I am. That I love me for who I am and that I’m proud for exactly who I am. I reminded myself every single day until one day I woke up and looked in the mirror and my subconscious told me how beautiful I am. I wasn’t just overwhelmed of happiness I also realised that day that we are able to manipulate ourselves, not just into bad habits – even into good ones!

I’ve spend days, weeks probably even months (and i’m still into it) studying about positive minds, about energies around us and from people, about connections to certain people in my life I feel are very deep and “different” to the others. And about the key to all of that – myself. To not give a s*** about what others think, say or do. To truly focus on yourself and your goals – everything else will come your way, we all just have to learn to be a bit patient.

It’s been nearly two years since changing my way of thinking and I couldn’t feel any more fulfilled and grateful for everything that comes my way – good or bad. I’m still struggling with my skin but I couldn’t love myself any more. My past didn’t change but I changed how I look at it. Im still on the other side of the world separated from everyone BUT myself – and that was one of the biggest realisations of my life I guess is that there’s no point in feeling alone because I never am, never was and never will be because I got me. And that’s a gift we all have – we have ourselves, always.

And I know you can love and accept yourself too! Small steps every day.

At the end of the day, no one will walk your journey for you.

You have to do that.

At the end of the day, no one will dream for you.

You have to do that.





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